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The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) was established before ITB was inaugurated on March 2, 1959, namely on October 6, 1947 as Faculteit van Exacte Wetenschap from Universiteit van Indonesie which was located at Jalan Tamansari No. 64 Bandung (now the office of ITB head), which then became Faculteit van Wiskunde en Natuur Wetenschap, and subsequently became the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Natural Sciences (FIPIA), and finally became the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences until now.

Astronomy Study Program is a department under FMIPA-ITB together with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Actuarial and Computational Sciences (Master program). The existence of Astronomy Study Program at Institut Teknologi Bandung historically can not be separated with the establishment of the ITB Bosscha Observatory in 1923. The birth of the Astronomy Study Program formally was marked by the inauguration of the G.B. van Albada as Professor of Astronomy in 1951. Currently, Astronomy Study Program, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, organizes Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral programs.

Astronomy is a branch of science that is very active and growing rapidly in the world. Indonesia, with its unique geographical location, is required to prepare human resources that can contribute more in this branch of science. In modern era, the collaboration and network are very important to face the future scientific civilization. Astronomy-ITB has many extensive networks throughout the world.


“To become a pioneer in contributing to the field of astronomy, astrophysics, and other relevant multi-disciplinary subjects, for the benefit of the nation, focusing on the progress in astronomical sciences.”


  • 1. To administer exemplary undergraduate education in the field of astronomy and astrophysics which produces graduates with strong character and are globally competitive.
  • 2. To carry out world-class and advanced researches in the field of astronomy and astrophysics (and other relevant multi-disciplinary subjects).
  • 3. To perform community services and development by utilizing expertise in the field of astronomy and astrophysics for the benefit of the society.